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This job was posted on:

December 14, 2021









$120000 - $140000




Growing multi-disciplinary social impact firm, is looking for an experienced, entrepreneurial social sector professional to serve as a Vice President to lead and develop our Research, Evaluation, and Learning (REL) team. The VP of REL will join the Leadership Team to help steward and grow our firm, our client portfolio, and our impact. In addition to firmwide leadership responsibilities, the VP will lead client engagements, manage a small-but-growing team within the firm, oversee project workflow and quality, drive business development, and ensure high-quality, on-time deliverables that help our clients drive meaningful social impact.

The position entails the following:

Client Work (50%)

The VP will lead client engagements for our Research & Evaluation clients, oversee and manage project workflow, design and facilitate research engagements and presentations that center equity, manage client communications and relationships, and ensure deliverables are on-time, high-quality, and poised to help our clients drive social impact. Potential projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing and supporting mixed methods research processes to answer client questions effectively and within budget, and inform strategic programming for foundations and nonprofits;

  • Designing quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods evaluations of social sector organizations, programs, and initiatives; and

  • Advising clients on research, evaluation, and learning efforts relevant to their work.

Business Development & Network Management (35%)

  • The VP will be responsible for generating new client prospects, securing new and repeat clients, and making REL a revenue-generating arm of the company in a way that furthers equity and justice. The VP will serve as an ambassador within the social sector as it pertains to research and evaluation; regularly engage with nonprofit and foundation leadership across a diverse array of issue areas such as education, racial justice, and democracy; and build the firm's brand and network as it relates to research and evaluation as a tool for strategic and equitable decision-making across the sector.

Firm Leadership (15%)

  • The VP will join our Leadership Team, which oversees the firm and shapes its internal strategy. The Leadership Team identifies business and impact opportunities, navigates firm-wide challenges, and works to ensure the full team is effective and thriving. The VP will directly oversee the management and growth of the firm’s REL team, providing direct supervision to our Senior Researcher and indirect support to the other 4 team members. The VP will provide technical support across projects and assist with quality control and the development of team systems, processes, and learning to ensure the REL team is supported and delivering high quality work that is effectively supporting our clients and the firm. The VP will also oversee the evaluation of the firm's own work and internal initiatives as it relates to driving social impact, supporting our diversifying and growing team, and being financially sustainable.


  • Be PASSIONATE, CONFIDENT, leadership, curiosity, willingness and ability to travel (when we’re living in a post-pandemic world), attention to detail, and experience working in and for BIPOC communities.

  • Fluency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) is a must. It is a plus to have experience with:

  • Statistical analysis software (i.e. R, SPSS, Stata, etc.);

  • CAQDA software (i.e. MAXQDA, NVivo, Dedoose, etc.);

  • Survey building platforms (i.e. Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, etc.); and

  • Data visualization and business intelligence platforms (i.e. Tableau, PowerBI, etc.).

  • Familiarity with the following research frameworks is appreciated but not necessary:

  • Human-centered design

  • User-research

  • Equitable evaluation

  • Design thinking

  • Systems thinking

  • Service design

  • Being authorized to work in the U.S. is a precondition of employment. NO VISA SPONSORS WILL BE PROVIDED AT THIS TIME.


A multi-disciplinary social impact strategy firm with an aim to create a world with abundant and equitable opportunity for all. They partner with people and organizations with game-changing ideas to improve the world, and we help them maximize their impact. Their values are at the center of everything that they do:

STEP UP We seek big challenges because we know those are the ones worth tackling. We bring our A-game and entrepreneurial mindset into everything we do, relentlessly pursuing excellence and refusing to accept the status quo. We take smart risks and push ourselves and those around us to think expansively.

LEARN UP We are intensely curious. We question everything. We experiment. We are voracious consumers of information from a variety of sources and disciplines because we understand that knowledge is absolutely essential for effective innovation. We are researchers, investigators, and explorers.

TEAM UP Relationships are at our core. Through empathy, we develop deep and authentic connections with those around us. We curate our networks with intention because when the right people are connected with the right ideas, great things are bound to happen.

LIVE IT UP It’s not enough for us to change the world; we’re going to have a blast while we do it. If we’re not loving life while driving impact, we’re doing it wrong.

We work in five main ways:

  1. Social Impact Strategy We partner with social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, public entities, and other mission-driven organizations around the world on program design, business planning, community engagement, strategic planning, and development strategy. We also partner with funders to provide capacity-building support to their grantees.

  2. Philanthropic Advising We advise individual donors, foundations, and companies on making their philanthropic giving more meaningful, strategic, and impactful; and we help funders think more expansively about their potential social impact.

  3. Foundation Management We help private, family, and independent foundations become more effective by providing back-office support, managing grants, and overseeing the financial administration and accounting of their operations.

  4. Research & Evaluation We support entities across the social sector to design meaningful metrics, conduct impact audits, and research and analyze market landscapes and user experiences to create deeper and more lasting social change.

  5. Leadership Development We empower individual leaders and teams to unlock their potential through executive coaching, team coaching, culture setting, and board development.


This is a dynamic and growing firm. They currently have 32 team members, located in California, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.


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