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Seattle, WA, USA

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October 26, 2021








General Labor

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The Senior Superintendent, Special Projects exhibits a strong business acumen and long-range thinking in the development of people and practices within Sellen Special Projects field teams. In addition to a record of safe and successful projects as a superintendent, the Senior Superintendent, Special Projects has a demonstrated willingness and ability to identify, coach and mentor field supervisors including other superintendents, and contributes to the growth and improvement of the Sellen field supervisory talent pool at all levels. The Senior Superintendent, Special Projects consistently models Sellen core values, promotes company strategic initiatives across project teams. Demonstrates agility and appropriate risk-taking to innovate and adopt new practices, cultivate them, and share successful innovations across the company.Essential Responsibilities:People development.Identify and align people on SSP teams with opportunities to provide professional development and on the jobexperience, on tfdafaheir current project or through placement on another project.Establish, promote, and participate in the practice of transition meetings, regular follow ups, and feedback between employees and their supervisors including performance reviews and promotions.Promote and facilitate training opportunities for team members and encourage their professional growth.Be a resource to superintendents and teams in SSP, championing Sellen culture, Project Delivery Plan, and sharing construction knowledge.Advise the Director, Special Projects in resourcing future and current projects with field leadership and teams of craftspeople.Partner with Director, Special Project Operations in the creation of teams and changes to teams needed to execute projects and continuously improve and operate at the highest level.Leadership and Initiative.Serve as a resource within Sellen Special Projects in the pursuit of work and formation of a project team.Actively guide SSP teams in the use of the Project Delivery Plan, including the development of estimates, schedules, and safety plans.Partner with Director, Sellen Special Projects Operations and take a lead role in establishing a cohesive, integrated approach to management and execution of the project across all team members including the project managers, engineers, safety personnel and field supervisors.Maintain a detailed understanding of projects under construction, ensuring that support can be given to an individual problem or the team as a whole.Attend and actively participate in superintendent meetings.Demonstrate balanced decision making at the leadership level that takes into consideration both the interest of the company and the interest of their assigned project.Participate in and lend perspective to strategic initiative and other broader company work as appropriate.Service VansOversee the schedule and workload of Sellen’s service vans to ensure adequate resourcing for Special Projects and other internal customers including Warranty and Main Office.Establish priorities and expectations for members of the team, adding resources as needed.Advise Director, Special Projects on the strengths and opportunities for Service Vans work.In addition to the responsibilities described above, the Senior Superintendent also demonstrates the following competencies required of a Superintendent:General management.Planning and scheduling.Relationship management.Coaching others.Technical Expertise If you were Borntobuild we would love to talk to you


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