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Senior Product Manager / Staff Product Manager / Principal Product Manager

Seattle, WA, USA

This job was posted on:

September 4, 2020









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Job Details

Who we are:


  1. Tableau is as much a philosophy as an amazing suite of tools. We enable people to transform data into something visual and understandable, empowering them to make important decisions based on those insights. If you are passionate about technology, but also care deeply about doing something meaningful, Tableau is the place for you. Our products have been key in helping organizations with data to address not just the immediate crises, but also the longstanding inequities behind them, including Climate Action, Equity, Global Health & Poverty.


In this role, you'll…


Research customer needs and market developments

Understand user patterns with usage data and funnel analysis

Develop differentiated product strategy, vision, and roadmap Work collaboratively with Engineering, UX and Marketing on product implementation

Engage with customers as a Tableau trusted advisor to ensure their success, manage escalations, requirements analysis and product planning activities

Present Tableau product capabilities, vision, value propositions, and roadmap briefings to customers, prospects, the Tableau sales team, and at other public events


Who you are…


  1. Experienced. You have experience developing code and a proven track record of shipping software.
  2. Exceptional understanding of coding. You understand what it takes to write software that is used by millions of people. You love things that "just work" - things that are reliable, scalable, and secure. You think far enough ahead to avoid tech debt, but know how to avoid over-engineering. You are agile and can prototype, learn, adapt, and pivot as needed.
  3. Innovative. You have a history of finding pragmatic solutions to difficult problems. You have experience working on ambitious, forward-looking projects.
  4. Team Player. You enjoy collaborating, learning from or teaching others so we can all become better developers.
  5. Passionate. You are passionate about technology and the work you do. You always want to do your best to delight the customers, help your team and strive to excellence.
  6. You are a Recruiter! Tableau hires company builders and, in this role, you will be asked to be on the lookout for the best talent to bring onboard to help us continue to build one of the best companies in the world.


Technical Focus Areas:

  1. Analytics
  2. We make fast, easy, and beautiful analytical experiences for people everywhere. We are responsible for evolving the analytical experiences that our customers associate with Tableau, and inventing new experiences (e.g. Ask Data) that broaden our reach to new classes of information users.


  1. At Scale
  2. We build the products that reach business users with data and make it easier for them to get value from it. We are focused on expanding the number of people who use Tableau regularly to see and understand their data.


  1. Data
  2. We build core capabilities in support of the Tableau mission to help people see and understand data. We achieve this through trusted innovative technology and methods to safely connect to, shape, clean, catalog, alert, and track our customers’ critical data with performant and scalable technology and services.


  1. OCTO (Office of the CTO)
  2. We help Tableau innovate on our mission by going to those places that our production Development teams do not today - those domains where they don’t know what to do or don’t know how to do them. We generate new knowledge in these domains as well as entirely new domains through research, experimentation and prototyping.


  1. Platform & Infrastructure
  2. We focus on Cloud Engineering for Tableau Online; Server and Cloud Platform, the shared enterprise grade platform and infrastructure on which Tableau Server and Online run; Build and Tools that provides developers with an ecosystem of tools, services and learning; and Core Services, a new area of investment for common services to drive software productivity through reusable software.


  1. Product Operations
  2. We drive the development ecosystem for Dev team enablement. This includes ownership of an agile operation model that supports and promotes engineering excellence, process efficiency and org transformation to delivery of product at Global Scale.




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