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Project Executive

Seattle, WA, USA

This job was posted on:

January 27, 2022








Skilled Trades

$80 - $95



**This position is CONTRACT TO HIRE***


Position Summary: Project Executive works with elite local and national clients. The Project Executive will lead several projects and project teams while achieving financial control and attaining profit goals for each project. This individual contributes to the development and execution of goals and strategies such as seeking new clients, maintaining existing client relationships, and focusing on growth strategies and market focus. The Project Executive is also responsible for leading team members to develop critical relationships by demonstrating and promoting effective relationships throughout the company, with subcontractors, vendors and throughout the industry.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field or equivalent years and experience.
  • 5-year Executive Level Management background in a 10 to15-year Project Manager career in general construction.
  • At least 5+ years in very HIGH-END technology construction, specifically companies like Google, Metaverse, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix
  • Some travel required: Travel where you need to be in order to expand the business or, resolve problems.
  • Sales and marketing capabilities and experience.
  • LEED experience preferred
  • PC proficiency is essential with Microsoft Office and a strong working knowledge of Excel and MS Project, PlanGrid, Matterport, Sharepoint and a sophisticated construction package is preferred


  • Construction ProjectsManager of PM's by project
    Manager of assigned Project Engineers/Coordinators (3-4)
  • SalesClient Relationship Manager
    Signoff for proposals and estimated budgets

Skills & Abilities:

  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal faculties.
  • Performs well under pressure with an acute sense of urgency.
  • Problem solving skills and a high aptitude for creative thinking and sound judgement.
  • Impeccable organizational skills.
  • Heavy commitment to company specific objectives, goals & high standard of professionalism.
  • Ability to be solution driven, ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks.
  • Ability to evaluate project-related processes and make improvements to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Ability to oversee project completions, even through adversity.
  • Ability to create and develop new business.

Key tangible metrics for achievement:

  • Progressive Project Responsibilities:Guide teams through multiple projects in each project phase including pre construction, construction, and post-construction services so that goals, client expectations and outcomes are met.

    Formulate and develop contract terms with clients and communicate to project team.Contract terms are in alignment to what was agreed to in the proposal.
    Project team is clear of contract terms prior to the start of a project.
    Ensure that the project SOP is clearly defined and communicated to entire project team (PM, architect, owner, superintendent) and drive the strategy throughout job.
    Ensure that the Project Manager has produced a proposal that is thorough and set up for success.

    Participate in all OAC calls as well as a weekly call directly with the client to ensure client's expectations are being met and to facilitate changes if necessary.Clients expectations are managed well, are being met and that the project still meets established goals.
    Mentor and coach PM's and project team to ensure their skills and capabilities are being developed by establishing project goals for each direct report and ensure that goals are achieved.

    Continually instill the philosophy in the project team of promoting positive subcontractor relations by dealing professionally and fairly with all subcontractors and vendors;Ensure that Project Managers continue to live by this philosophy throughout the project.
    Ensure that Project Managers are communicating effectively with field team members as well as keep them active in decision-making.

    Strong LEADER and hands-on in facilitating activities, you will direct and coordinate various projects, review contracts and estimates, develop and approve budgets.Approve schedules, ensure timelines, control cost and provide support to project managers to help expedite completion deadlines.
    Knowledge of all players always (subcontractors, trades, malls etc.) and is prepared to shift gears when the job does not meet requirements or timelines.
    Manage the schedule throughout the project and ensure the PM is continually updating the schedule throughout.
    Ensure that the PM's job cost reports are always up to date. Weekly reviews are best.
  • Sales Responsibilities:Create and develop new business for the company through past clientele, network or other sources gained throughout career. Show motivation to enhance portfolio.
    Develop and maintain client and industry relationships at the appropriate level reinforcing DCC’s commitment to continuously address their needs and interests. As a result, there exists a pipeline of upcoming potential projects.
  • Project Closeout Phase:Post job closeout debrief, or post-mortem is held by Project Executive and PM's involved to review what was done well and what could be done differently.


  • Project Managers all feel supported, encouraged and challenged through your management.
  • Commitment to excellence, company goals and expectations.
  • Understand the scope, requirements and challenges of this position, in line with company goals and expectations.
  • Clients feel connected and in-the-know and trust DCC’s capabilities to complete tasks/jobs, always giving our best effort.


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