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Principal Applied Scientist, Conversational Intelligence

Seattle, WA, USA

This job was posted on:

September 3, 2020









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The Role

Voice processing drives important features of the Outreach product. As a principal applied scientist, you will work with other data scientists, engineers, and product managers to develop algorithms to process audio streams and extract intelligence from the audio streams. You will develop algorithms to assess and improve the quality of extracted information, and design and develop tools for visualizing the data and measuring the performance of voice processing algorithms.


About the Team

On the Conversational Intelligence Team we:

- Own features end-to-end, from the customer need all the way to the back-end implementation

- Are highly collaborative and distribute technical leadership throughout the team

- Do Agile development, with Sprints and regular retrospectives

- Function in a highly progressive, quick-iteration environment focused on delivering consistent, incremental customer value

We’re currently shoring up the core functionalities of our product. In the long term we want to give our customers the ability to optimize and constantly improve how they interact with customers. Our services will learn from the customer’s interactions and assist the customers by bringing that knowledge to them in real-time. 


Your Daily Adventures

  • Working with voice streams and real-time transcriptions of voice streams to extract intelligence and classify the voice stream.
  • Analyzing the relevance of extracted intelligence, performance of the extraction algorithms, and evaluating the performance of third party voice processing APIs.
  • Finding ways to engineer high availability into a system that has lots of moving parts, not all of which are directly under your control
  • Working with stakeholders to make sure our customers have the tools they need to be successful on our platform
  • Finding quick ways to prototype and test possible solutions to large problems
  • Looking up and down the stack for the best return on investment for any given pain point
  • Working on one of the most visible parts of Outreach’s product - to both our customers and the rest of our organization


Basic Qualifications

  • Experience with implementing machine learning algorithms including natural language processing and natural language classification.
  • A strong background in statistics, passion for data, and experience working with Spark or similar distributed computing frameworks is essential for success in this role.
  • Experience programming in Python or Scala, and Java or Go or C++.
  • Experience with cloud-based service applications
  • Familiar with continuous-deployment projects
  • Willing to go above and beyond to help other team members
  • Ability to prioritize details along a path of iterative delivery
  • Ability to quickly ramp up new technologies and start contributing


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