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Remote, OR 97458, USA

This job was posted on:

June 20, 2022









$80000 - $85000



Location: United States - any location Please note that being authorized to work in the U.S. is a precondition of employment. We are not able to sponsor applicants for work visas at this time.

Starting Annual Salary (Exempt): $85,000 (position will be eligible for annual bonus and salary increase after first year)

Benefits: In addition to collaborating with an incredible team of social impact professionals, benefits include:
●  Health, dental, and vision insurance
●  Retirement plan with employer matching
●  Regular high fives
●  Unlimited paid time off
●  Wellness program ($500/year)
●  Dedicated professional development budget
●  Cell phone and home internet reimbursement ($110/month)



You will be joining our Strategy Team, helping lead projects with social sector funders and organizations locally, nationally, and globally. Within the Strategy Team, you’ll also be part of our sub-team that focuses on Philanthropic Management. Roughly 75% of your work will focus on philanthropic management, while the other 25% of your work will go to supporting our general social sector clients.

Potential projects include, but are not limited to:


●  Designing and implementing grantmaking and programmatic efforts for funders,including overseeing field scans, grantee research, due diligence, reporting, andevaluations; ●  Helping to codify and share best practices for philanthropic management across the team;

●  Developing and managing reporting needs and relationships with foundations, grantees,strategic partners, peer funders, and funder networks;

●  Coordinating the administration, accounting, and financial management components foreach foundation client;

●  Overseeing, training on, and supporting board governance, including managingcommittees;

●  Facilitating strategic plans, business plans, fundraising plans, and culture plans; and

●  Designing and facilitating convenings and retreats for nonprofit and philanthropicpartners.


The Director will manage client relationships. The Director will serve as an integral part of the team to lead our client engagements. You will play point on all client communication, relations, and management, holding primary responsibility for developing and growing authentic relationships with our clients. You will work with clients to oversee and manage project workflow; design and facilitate meetings and retreats; and ensure all deliverables (board dockets, strategic plans, etc.) are on-time, high-quality, and poised to help our clients drive true social impact through their work. You will bring experience facilitating meetings and decision- making processes and be adept at anticipating and responding to client needs and challenging situations.


The Director will manage projects. As the lead project manager on a client engagement, you will oversee and manage project scopes and work plans. The Director will need to see the big picture, create a robust plan, and coordinate a number of moving pieces and personalities (and sometimes family members!). You will also need to support others – internally and externally – to stay focused, manage expectations throughout, and adapt when necessary. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, paired with the ability to be calm and focused when juggling multiple projects and deadlines, will enable the person in this position to thrive.


The Director will be a strong facilitator. This role will be tasked with guiding our partners through a process. To do that well, the Director will not only need to create productive meeting environments (e.g., creation of relevant agendas, facilitation guides, session materials), but will also need to be able to energetically command a room, be an active listener, ask relevant follow- up questions that further group learning, navigate tension and the unpredictable, and create a space for diverse perspectives to be heard.


The Director will solve problems. Our clients turn to us when they have complex problems that they want help solving. We are frequently asked to devise innovative strategies with our clients to scale or adapt programs, develop earned revenue streams, raise money, and engage their communities. Among other things, our work often requires analyzing markets, researching best practices, designing and preparing for scenarios, and creating new strategies and programs. To do this, the Director will need to be able to approach problems and solutions creatively.


The Director will think critically and learn quickly. We don’t know everything and we know you don’t know everything. We are experts in process, not issues, and often find it helpful when we don’t have a lot of background about an organization, policy issue, or market, as it gives us a fresh perspective on our clients’ concerns, needs, and opportunities. This position requires aneagerness to learn, an open mind, good listening skills, intense curiosity, and an ability to acknowledge what you don’t know and ask strategic questions.


The Director will be a top-notch communicator. The Director will be charged with managing internal communications for our clients - ensuring they have what they need to make strategic decisions about their work. This entails coordinating stakeholders, as well as synthesizing large amounts of qualitative and quantitative data and communicating the key findings and recommendations through written reports and engaging presentations. We expect you to be a crisp writer and a clear presenter, able to produce client-ready work with minimal editorial oversight.


The Director will collaborate and build. The Director will also be expected to contribute to the growth by identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities and partnerships.In the business of building and leveraging relationships to better support our clients and strengthen the social sector as a whole. Externally, the Director will be expected to build a strong professional network; actively engage in the field; identify opportunities for collaboration between, clients, and other individuals and organizations in the social sector; and support our clients beyond the limited parameters of an individual client engagement. Internally, the Director will be a valued team member; we staff our projects as teams so you will work cross-functionally with peers on every engagement. The Director will also support short-term and long-term growth efforts; handle limited administrative needs (we all do, too!); and help out on additional tasks as necessary. We are a growing firm and the Director will play a significant role in helping to shape our future.





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