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Associate Engineer Software - IoT

Bellevue, WA, USA

This job was posted on:

September 1, 2020









$73 - $85



T-Mobile is looking for an Associate Software Engineer interested in either mobile application or backend API development.

As an associate engineer on the IoT product team, you will be working on cutting edge technology in the hardware and software world. You will be building a common platform that supports multiple connected products, mobile applications, and deliver functionality based on geo location, push notifications, device management, user management while prioritizing privacy and security of customer data.




  • You will be interacting with product managers, senior engineers to learn and apply your knowledge to advance product features and platform capabilities. You will be working with hardware engineers and other developers to provide API’s that drive mobile app features.
  • You will be practicing test driven development, own the quality with unit tests, integration tests. You are expected to learn and work on of technologies that you don’t know and adopt to team’s needs.
  • The technologies could be mobile applications or backend API’s, eagerness to learn and try new things is key to success in this role.


Experience You Bring


  • Proficiency in any object-oriented language
  • Familiarity with developing scalable API's while considering security (authentication and authorization) and privacy best practices
  • Some experience in hosting cloud applications OR web development OR mobile applications
  • Experience in databases, SQL
  • Understanding of internet protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP and networking and security standards
  • Production support, error handling, logging. Basics of software systems design, design patterns, OOPS concepts. Communication skills
  • Demonstrable software projects
  • Experience with hardware related products is a plus




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